Baby Soft Feet for Summer

OMG! I was scrolling on Instagram per usual when I came across this product called BabyFoot. It caught my attention because I’ve always had rough feet. I LOVE to walk barefoot around the house and grew up wearing flip-flops in Florida. Not to mention what walking on the beach barefoot can do to your feet over time. I really thought that this was going to be too good to be true. I stalked their Instagram and looked at posts of peeling feet and then the beautiful results. But would it really work for me?

I had a chemical peel done on my face once because I suffer from acne and wanted to remove my acne scars. I searched YouTube videos and saw how much skin came off of other people so I wanted to try it. But I was disappointed because my face didn’t peel that much. So I thought that it would be the same with this foot peel. I am so happy to say that BabyFoot works and is one of my new favorite beauty products! My feet feel so soft and AMAZING!

I picked up BabyFoot at my local Target and when I went back a few days later with a coworker they were all sold out! It is an amazing product so I’m not surprised. Keep on reading if you want to see my not so cute pictures of the BabyFoot process. Your feet will look horrible during the peel but once the process is over you will have exactly what the box promises – Baby soft feet!

The box comes with two booties and tape. You place your feet inside the booties (as shown above) and use the tape to hold the top together. You have to sit in the booties for an hour. I worked on a few articles while sitting at my desk letting my feet soak in the solution.

Day 1 – Here are my feet after the one hour with the solution washed off as per the directions.

Day 5 – Mild peeling. The back of the box says that the peeling will happen in 5-7 days and flaking can last up to two weeks. I’ve been wearing my tennis shoes to work to avoid my coworkers looking at my feet. 🙂

Our favorite Copy Editor, Denise also did the peel and had some amazing results! See the above picture for the beginning of Denise’s peel.

Day 6 – It is getting real! The peeling is starting to increase. I wake up with flakes in the bed. The bottom of my feet are peeling the most and I have a little peeling on my heel as well. It is even peeling in between my toes. There is no pain at all with this peel.

Denise uncovered a new softness after the process. See the two photos above for the bottom of her feet doing some major peeling.

Day 8 AM – The top of my feet area also peeling. I have not gone back to get my pedicure because I wanted to wait until the peeling process was over. I recommend getting a fresh pedi before starting this process or just hiding your feet until the peeling is complete. 🙂

Day 8 PM  – I had a party to go to and since it was outside I first decided to wear sandals. Then the flakes started to dry out and I changed in to my tennis shoes again. 🙂 While in the tub, I scrubbed my feet so that the skin would come off. …at least the part that was already flaking.

Denise’s foot (above), peeled up to her ankle. My foot peeled to the very bottom of my ankle but not as far as Denise’s. As you can see, individual results will vary but the product does exactly what it says it will. 

Day 10 – It looks like the peeling is complete and my feet feel so soft and they look amazing. Now all I need is a good pedicure so I can update my polish! It was a great experience for me doing this peel. My only con about this product is that it does take a long time from start to finish. So you have to make sure you have your feet covered (unless you just don’t care about people seeing the flaking) and I don’t think you should go get a pedicure until after the peels is complete (totally my opinion). So, those are my only cons with this. But if you can plan around your pedi and can stomach the almost two weeks of peeling, then this product is for you. I will definitely be using this again!

P.S. Read the back of the box for more information on ingredients and how to properly use this product.

Have you tried BabyFoot? What did you think?

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  1. I have used Baby Foot and it’s awesome. It grosses some people out because of the peeling but the results are worth it. I’ve found that soaking your feet in warm water for 20-30 minutes before the peel helps the peel work faster. I love it!

    1. I so agree Lynne! The results are definitely well worth it. I do wish it would have peeled faster. I will try your suggestion of soaking my feet in warm water next time! Thank you for reading. XOXOXO

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